Another New Sneakpeeq Freebie!! Rhapsody Ring by Bohemian Rhapsody


Sneakpeeq, my favorite daily deals site, frequently offers high-value freebies to new users.  In the past, they’ve given away real pearl rings and earrings, silk scarves, silver charms, and different bracelets.  (There may have been other items as well, but these are the freebies that I know of for sure.)

Now, the Rhapsody Ring by Bohemian Rhapsody (pictured above, retail $27) is the current freebie.  I’d like to snag one of these rustic bamboo rings for myself, but I already received my freebies for signing up a few months ago.  Boo!

If you like this ring as well, sign up for Sneakpeeq today!  In addition to this pretty freebie, new sign-ups will get a free $10 credit and free shipping on your first purchase.

To get your free ring and discount credits:

  • Click here to visit Sneakpeeq.
  • Click sign in.  (You need a Facebook account to access the site.)
  • Click the “Get Your Reward” button.
  • Click the “Use Your Badge” button.
  • Click the “Peeq for Your Price” button.  It will show that you are getting your ring for free!  (Shipping is also free.)
  • Click the “Buy Now” button.
  • Enter your shipping information (name and address).  They will NOT ask you for a credit card number or any payment information for free items.

Done!  It’s that simple.  Once you’ve claimed your freebie, feel free to look around.  You will still have your $10 credit either way, as the freebie does not count as your first purchase.  Use it today; use it in a few days…  Doesn’t matter – it’s up to you.

But be prepared…  You will fall in love with this site.  They have insanely cool stuff, and there’s something for everyone.  Not kidding – I visit Sneakpeeq every day.  I’ve earned several dollars-off, percent-off, and free shipping credits (called “badges”) just for “peeqing” at the prices of the items I like.

I’ve already ordered 26 items (seriously!) from Sneakpeeq, all for little to no money out of my pocket…  And I love them all.  I choose to store my freebies and purchases away to give as Christmas presents at the end of the year.  Very excited to give such great gifts that cost me little to nothing.

TIP:  If you have multiple Facebook accounts, you can have multiple Sneakpeeq accounts.  This means you can receive multiple freebies and discount badges.  Score!!

Remember, you are never obligated to purchase anything.  But you should never turn down freebies this cute!

Happy peeqing!!


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