Pinterest Challenge


I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago, and have since decided that it is the greatest Web site ever – surely the best idea generator I’ve encountered on the Internet.

I have also decided, however, that the site’s header should brandish a disclaimer, something that warns potential and existing users of its highly addictive nature.  Like all social media – not to mention the entire Internet and technology in general – Pinterest must be used responsibly (read:  in moderation) in order to be considered an effective and productive use of time.

For instance, I’ve created 55 boards, repinned 1,028 pins, and racked up 265 likes to date – all in just less than a month.  (Goodness gracious!!)  Of those 1,000+ pins, I’ve completed…..  around 15 of them.  Needless to say, I’ve stayed up way too late on way too many nights, filling my brain with way too many ideas.  And while I’m a huge fan of spreading such ideas, I’m going to have to actually implement many more of them at some point… or consider my time wasted.

That said, when used appropriately, Pinterest really does provide its users with a fantastic way to organize nearly all of their endeavors and ideas:  DIY projects, recipes, home remedies, tutorials, reading lists, fitness regimens, children’s activities, parenting, fashion, beauty, home decor, organizational tools, holidays, gifts, entertaining, words of wisdom, humor, and so much more.  Individuals can use the site for recreational, educational, or inspirational purposes.  Businesses can use it as a marketing tool.  There really is something for everyone.

(If you have never used Pinterest, and would like to know more about it, consider reading this USA Today article: “How to use Pinterest’s pin board for the Web.”  Or do a Google search on the topic.  There are tons of other great tips out there.)

In my case, the pins that get me most excited are recipes.  I’m a novice chef (read:  I can’t cook), so I’m always looking for new and easy ways to provide my family with some variety.  Because of Pinterest, I don’t think I’ll ever need to consult a cookbook again (as if I had ever done it before).  No, I’ve got a board (okay, like 10 boards) for that.

The trick now is to actually cook those recipes.  So I’m setting a small goal for myself to transfer at least one “pin,” or virtual idea, into my real life each week.  (At this rate, I could stop pinning today, and have years’ worth of material left to use!)

Trying new things is a general goal I set for myself this year, so I’m really looking forward to this challenge.  But I really need to spend less time doing research (read:  procrastinating) on the computer and more time praying, reading, exercising, cooking, cleaning the house, organizing my junk, and entertaining myself and my son in ways that people did before the Internet began monopolizing our time and our brains.

Of course, you can expect to read about my offline experiments – successes and failures – right here on this blog.  Not that I think that my ordinary attempts at other people’s great ideas are particularly newsworthy, but who knows?  You may be inspired to try a few new things for yourself.

In fact, you may already be a fellow Pinterest addict user.  If so (and even if not), consider reading Tip #3 in this article (that I just so happened to find while snooping around Pinterest).  The tip calls for us to “Make Pinterest Inspiration a Reality.”  Here’s a short excerpt:

“Now click to YOUR OWN Pinterest profile page and stay away from everyone else’s pins and choose something that you would like to DO to spend your time instead of being on Pinterest.

And then just do it!!  Attempt to make your reality as interesting and exciting as your Pinterest profile.  Turn your “Books I Want to Read” board into your “Books I’ve Read” board, your “Places I Want to Go” board into your “Places I’ve Been” board.  And so on.

However, since you’re still reading this on your computer right now anyway

Click the button above in order to get a general idea of the inspiration behind many of my future posts.  In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the mini (and pitiful-looking) Pinterest collage I’ve constructed below.  (It’s late – 3:28 a.m. – and I can’t sleep.  So this is how I chose to use my time.  Ridiculous.)


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  1. I too, succumbed to the addictive power of Pinterest. One thing that keeps me moving is that I created a specific “Did this” board for uploading pictures of each project that I actually manage to finish. I kind of keep score by the number of “likes” each photo gets. It definitely motivates me to fill that board!

  2. Thank you for linking to my post! And I do hope you will make your Pinterest boards reflect like your own life – not just your dream life :) Live life to the fullest and share it with others!

    • “Live life to the fullest and share it with others.” Well said! I’m really enjoying this whole actually-doing-my-pins-in-real-life business. Thank you for helping to motivate me with YOUR post!

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