Fannie May Clearance Blowout & a Coupon for FREE Candy!!


Update:  There is a coupon for $5 off any puchase – NO minimum – in today’s copy of The News-Dispatch.  That makes a great freebie for all of us who got today’s paper (and 20 more free Trinidads for me)!!!

Fannie May currently has all of their Valentine’s Day merchandise marked down to as much as 90% off.  So tonight, I scored my all-time favorite candy – Trinidads – at only $0.25 each.  I bought 20 of them for a total of $5.00 (normally would have cost $25.00).

(In case you’re the crazy person who counted them in the picture, you may have noticed that there are only 18.  Two of them didn’t make it until I got home.)

This is a HUGE deal, people.  Let me tell you a little story about Fannie May Trinidads…

When I was eight months pregnant, I spent about $12 on a half-pound box of this deliciousness.  I crave these on most of my non-pregnant days, so the urge was pretty intense for me at that particular moment.

Normally, I do not share my little, yellow treats with anyone, but Josh’s dad had never tried them.  So in the name of converting someone else into a new Trinidad fan, I reluctantly handed one over.

Upon doing so, I immediately regretted it.  He chomped twice, and swallowed it practically whole!

  • His reaction:  “It was alright.”
  • My reaction:  My hormonal, pregnant behind literally started bawling right then and there.  How dare he not take tiny bites and savor each one?!

Needless to say, I will never share a Trinidad ever, ever, ever again.

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