Best Day of 2012 So Far!!


Weather this beautiful in mid-March in Michigan City?  Unheard of.  We’ve seen the thermometer reach 80 degrees two days in a row.  Are you serious?!  So Josh and I have been taking full advantage.

After breakfast, we headed straight to Dairy Queen for a Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard – substitute chocolate ice cream, add whipped cream, thankyouverymuch.  (Don’t judge my parenting.  We were celebrating the gorgeousness that is the current climate.)

Then we sprinted across Franklin Street, playing chicken with oncoming traffic, so he could play at Ames Field.  (You may, yet again, be questioning my parenting skills.)  Made a new buddy named Carter, and fell in love with his puppies, Sandy & Sophia.  Josh almost cried when they left.

On to Gardena Park, where we got to the baby swings in just the nick of time.  The two moms who hogged them for the entirety of our last park visit were right behind us.  They sat on the bench and waited, while we gave them a lesson in children’s park etiquette.  Ten minutes, and we moved on.  Take note, ladies.

It was nap time, so we intended to end our outing then, at Busia and Great-Grandpa’s house.  But a supernatural force pulled us the remainder of the way down Pine Street to Washington Park.  It was Josh’s first time there, and I’m so happy we went.

A backhoe and tractor were at work flattening the mountains of sand formed by winter winds.  Boats were sailing.  Seagulls were flying and squawking.  People were building sandcastles.  Lots of new things for Josh to learn about.

Here he is freaking out over a low-flying seagull:

We rolled up our jeans, and stepped into Lake Michigan’s freezing cold water:

And here’s one more because I just couldn’t resist photographing our city’s most prominent landmark for the gazillionth time in my life:

After a couple hours, we finally did make our way to see the great-grands, and were pleasantly surprised to find my dad on the front porch swing, where Josh eventually fell asleep.

And for the perfect ending to a day all about Joshua, his favorite cousin, 15-year-old Sissy (or as Josh calls her, “Sheeeesheeee!!!!”), is coming to spend the night.  I see yummy snacks and another beach day in our immediate future.  The five-o’clock news said that this weather isn’t going anywhere so I’m looking forward to having many more days just like this one!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we are!!

Update…  This may have been Josh’s most favorite part of the day:

Josh and Sissy at bedtime


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  1. How cute Kelley!! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun together and making many great memories!! Very enjoyable to read :D

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