A Lesson in Getting Dolled Up, a FREE ebook, & Chance to Win a $500 Target Shopping Spree!!


My mom always asks me why I don’t do my hair or wear make-up or dress nicely.  I counter by asking her why she does.  Even if she doesn’t leave the house, she is always dolled up.  She does her hair and make-up just to run to the gas station.  I’ve always wondered, What’s the point of spending time and effort to look pretty if no one will see you?  And if anyone does, why should you feel the need to impress?

I figured she’s just high-maintenance, and maybe that gene skipped over me.  (And I’ve convinced myself that I’m happy about that.)  But I actually really like her justification:  “I do it because looking nice makes me feel good about myself.”

I must admit, I’ve been in kind of a rut lately.  Now that I am not employed outside my home, I wear the same sweats most days.  Not that I tried much harder when I was working, but still…  Showering and putting on the exact same clothes I was wearing before doing so is a little… gross.  I don’t even comb my hair most days.  Just let the tangles air dry.  Ridiculous!

I thought that maybe if I included “getting dressed” on my newly revised time budget, I might do a better job of it.  Wrong.  I’ve done a bit more laundry and a few more dishes, but have yet to put on a decent outfit.

So clearly, something has got to change.  I’m definitely open to finding new ways to feel better about myself and my current season in life.  Maybe looking pretty will be a good start.

Enter Frumps to Pumps by Sarah Mae at Stretching into Blue.  I am really excited to read this ebook, which Sarah calls a “motivotional” (as in motivation + devotional).  It’s a one-month challenge to start dressing more nicely, and she promises to skip the guilt trip.

I’m in.  This is the kind of step-by-step/day-by-day process I like, and the kind of challenge I need.  (It doesn’t hurt that my personal hero, Crystal Paine, posted about how much she liked reading it!)

And if you’d like a FREE copy for yourself, you can get it through tomorrow, 3/16, at midnight.  Just visit this page and subscribe to Stretching into Blue via email or RSS.  Immediately, you’ll receive your link to your free copy of Frumps to Pumps.  You will even have the chance to win a $500 Target shopping spree to help you revamp your wardrobe!  (God knows I could use that!)

If anyone is interested in taking this daily challenge with me, leave me a comment letting me know!  I would love to have an accountability partner on what will surely be an adventure.  (If only you could see my clothes.  I said “adventure” because I’m going to have to get really creative!)

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