Get Ready: My Favorite Freebies Series Starts Tomorrow!!


photo credit: FunRocker

Last year, I was able to score tons of free books and clothes for myself, and even fund a portion of my Christmas shopping with Target and Amazon gift cards that I received for FREE.

This year, one of my goals is to provide my loved ones with nicer Christmas gifts than I’ve been able to give in the past.  And I intend to do these things for as close to free as possible.

Another goal I’ve set is to acknowledge my loved ones’ birthdays in a more personal manner than by sending a message via text or Facebook.  In most cases that will mean sending a birthday card, some of which will be accompanied by gifts.  Again, I’d like to be able to do this for as close to free as I can get.

Notice, I did not say “cheap.”  Thereis a difference.

Tons of companies out there are literally giving away really cool (sometimes expensive) products, memberships, and even gift cards as an incentive for you to remain a loyal customer.  No other “catch.”  What’s better is that lots of those giveaways occur online, which means you often aren’t required to clip a single coupon.  You (usually) don’t even have to leave your house to get them!

Via the Internet, I’ve received printables, e-books, mp3s, e-gift cards, promo codes, and coupons for free products.  Via postal mail, I’ve received lotions, body wash, facial moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner, perfume and cologne, toothpaste, mouthwash, feminine care products, laundry detergent, facial tissue, make-up, magazines, cookbooks, children’s books, K-cups, energy drinks, vitamins, OTC meds, dietary supplements, granola bars, cereal, beef jerky, a fleece blanket, make-up bags, tote bags, diapers, greeting cards, gift cards, and more.  (And often, when a company mails you a free product, they also include high-value coupons.)  Pretty sweet, right?

Over the next several weeks, I am going to post a series called My Favorite Freebies, one each day, to help you get started.  These are freebie programs that are either ongoing or that occur frequently.  I’ll post them in addition to the limited-offer freebies you’ve been seeing on this blog.

The more you register for, the more often you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you open your mailbox (and email inbox).  Some weeks will be slow, but others will feel like your own mini-Christmas!

The first freebie will be posted tomorrow.  In the meantime, consider “liking” some of your favorite brands’ Facebook profiles.  Many different companies offer great freebies and high-value coupons exclusively to their Facebook “fans” each day.

Also, if you really like a certain product, consider contacting the manufacturer directly.  Use the contact information on their Web site to a) tell them how much you enjoy their products and why, and to b) ask them to send you a free sample and/or coupons.  Be sincere and gracious, but don’t be afraid to request what it is that you want.  You’ll never know what’s available to you unless you ask.  Manufacturers are generally happy to provide free products and coupons in order to maintain their relationships with loyal customers.  Hey, it can’t hurt to try!

Super Important and Extremely Helpful Tip:  If you’re going to go as crazy as I have with registering for freebies, I suggest setting up a separate email account to keep yourself organized.  Personal business matters like bank statements, utility bills, and student loans can get jumbled up in the mix; and you don’t want to overlook things like those!  I am speaking from first-hand, personal experience here.

Disclaimer:  I haven’t contacted any of the companies I’ll be featuring in My Favorite Freebies to tell them I’m blogging about them.  I will not be receiving payment for endorsing their programs or products.  I’m only blogging about them because I’ve used and enjoyed them, and I think you will too!

Okay……  Happy freebie hunting!

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