Unexpected Outing & Children’s Park Etiquette


Joshua, underneath the tire swing. (I was above it.)

One of my goals for 2012 is to take Josh on a special outing each week.  I blame the winter blahs for keeping me from doing this as frequently as I’d like (lame excuse, I know), so I was really excited to see the thermometer reach 60 degrees yesterday!  That’s pretty unusual for early March in Michigan City.

First, Joshua got a “baby mug,” and we ate some Carlson’s deliciousness at one of their outdoor picnic tables.  Then we headed to Gardena Park for a couple hours of fun.  Poor guy was in tears when I pried his little body from the baby slides so I could take him home for a diaper change and a nap.

It's time to go, buddy. (Joshua, trying to resist the inevitable.)

You know, our park adventure raised a question for me.  Is there some set of written rules regarding swing set etiquette anywhere??  There were only two baby swings, and they were occupied by the same two kids the entire time we were there.  I don’t know if their mothers were oblivious, or just didn’t care.  But what little kid wants to go to the park and sit in one swing the whole time while watching all the other kids run around?  I wanted to give Joshy a few pushes, but…….

Maybe I’ll write my own list of rules for children’s park etiquette.  I figure they’d look something like this:

  1. The next time your big kid pushes, hits, or knocks down my little kid and you don’t correct that behavior, I will.
  2. If your child is on the only available swing for more than 20 minutes, and you don’t make him get off, I will.
  3. If you or your child hog the slide for more than ten minutes at a time, I’m sliding down anyway.

That’s about it.  I should print and pass these out next time.  Yeah, I see that going over really well.  :)

Or maybe I should just enroll my passive-aggressive behind in an anger management class……

Feel free to leave your own rules for children’s park etiquette in the comments.  I’d love to read them!!

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  1. I think your rules are approriate! A lot of parents these days don’t have many brains so you have to do their thinking for them!

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