40 Day Lent Challenge: Days 10-16


photo credit: ctklansing

So I am a bum.  I began posting this series to give myself public accountability for sticking to my plans for Lent.  Then I got so wrapped up in posting about coupons, enjoying the beautiful weather, and spending time with family who was visiting from out of town that I skipped six whole posts!  Fortunately, I still managed to stick to my guns on most things.

On Ash Wednesday, I outlined my goals for Lent. Here’s how I fared on Days 10-16……

Counting My Blessings – Five Things for Which I Am Thankful (listed in no particular order):

I could elaborate on every single one of these, but will refrain from doing so.  This post is already going to be massive!  Just don’t judge me for the ones that seem ridiculous.  I promise I have a valid reason to have listed each of them!

  • Day 10
    • A bland and boring palate.
    • Warm baths.
    • Modern medicine.
    • Airplanes.
    • Sterling silver.
  • Day 11
    • Meat:  Chicken, fish, turkey, beef, & pork!
    • Dave Ramsey.
    • Winter scarves and gloves.
    • Cameras.
    • Baby products:  diaper rash cream, tear-free shampoo, fluoride-free toothpaste, etc.
  • Day 12
    • Living within driving distance of many of my family members.
    • Albuterol inhalers.
    • Modern soaps, deodorants, detergents, candles, air fresheners, and cleaning agents and devices.
    • Water filters.
    • Pomegranates.  Their scent, in particular.
  • Day 13
    • Dogs.
    • Women’s intuition.  Amen.
    • Breastfeeding.
    • Flip-flops.
    • Computers.  This laptop, in particular.
  • Day 14
    • Freebies.
    • Automatic bill pay.
    • Jewelry.
    • Green initiatives.
    • Online job application Web sites.
  • Day 15
    • Winter boots.
    • Flowers.  The pretty kind, the smell-good kind.  Especially lilacs.
    • Good Samaritans.
    • Structured time, disciplinary action, and rewards.  Checks and balances.  The ability to stay on task!
    • Innovators and pioneers.  Thinkers, doers, teachers.
  • Day 16
    • Workers’ unions.
    • Beaches.
    • Cheese.
    • Crystal Paine.
    • Hoodies.

Fasting Research of the Day: 

Nonprofit/Charity of the Day:  

  • Day 10 – None.
  • Day 11 – I’m a bum.
  • Day 12 – A lazy bum..
  • Day 13 – A lazy bum who has lost focus.
  • Day 14 – Goodwill.  I wanted to know if I would make more of an impact on disadvantaged people by donating to this organization or to charitable organizations that do not function as stores.  I’ve decided that the impact wouldn’t be less or greater in any case, just of a different kind.  I think I will donate my clothes directly to people who need them from now on, but maybe take things like home decor to Goodwill.  I appreciate that they employ people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to find work, as well as offer them services to help them in many other areas of their lives.
  • Day 15 – Jesus, help me.
  • Day 16 – The Salvation Army.  I knew about the thrift stores and the homeless shelters, but was happy to read about the ministry, rehabilitation services, elderly services, youth programs, disaster relief, and many other initiatives.

Swear Jar Contribution: 

  • Day 10 – $0.25
  • Day 11 – $0.00
  • Day 12 – $0.25
  • Day 13 – $0.25
  • Day 14 – $0.25
  • Day 15 – $0.00
  • Day 16 – $0.00

Stockpile Item to Donate:  

  • Day 10 – Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style & Schick Quattro Titanium Wolverine Limited Edition Men’s Razor
  • Day 11 – Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave Soothing Petals Scent
  • Day 12 – W Ultra Thin Regular with Flexi-Wings 18-ct. (Walgreens brand, compare to Always) & RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons, super absorbency, 18-ct.
  • Day 13 – Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream, Fragrance Free, Hypoallergenic
  • Day 14 – Dial Clean & Refresh Bar Soap, Spring Water Scent, 2-ct.
  • Day 15 – Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (diaper rash ointment)
  • Day 16 – Parent’s Choice Baby Wash & Shampoo

If anyone else is doing something special for Lent and could use some encouragement, please feel free to leave a comment about it!

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