Couponing 101: Tentative Syllabus


photo credit: singlemomonabudget

Welcome to Couponing 101!

(Click these links if you missed Introduction to Couponing or Introduction to Couponing:  Part 2.)

The following, listed in no particular order, is only some of what you can expect to learn in this series:

  • What coupons look like
  • What couponing language looks like (Greek, at first!)
  • What you should (almost) never pay for
  • Where to find coupons
  • Where to find the best deals
  • When to shop
  • When to stock up
  • How to organize your coupons
  • How to plan your shopping trips
  • How to minimize time spent couponing (while continuing to achieve big savings)
  • How to get the most bang for your buck

Those bulletted points do not represent individual post titles, just me brainstorming basic subject matter.  From here, I’ll post step-by-step instructions on how to become an Extreme Couponing Extraordinaire.  You’ll be ready to shop in just a few days.

In the next post, we’ll start at the beginning – where to get your coupons.    See you there!

Other Posts In This Series:

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