February’s DIY Project: T-Shirt Bracelets


This month, I decided to try my hand at something a little more crafty than last month’s “easy-win” homemade hair detangler; and my efforts wound up taking the form of T-shirt bracelets (aka Jersey Knit Bracelets).

I’ve got to say, I LOVE these things!  I made one for me and one for Josh so he wouldn’t destroy or lose mine.  And it’s a good thing I did.  The one I gave him was M.I.A. after he had it for about 30 seconds.  We still haven’t found it!

Do you remember playing with yarn back in grade school, how you would sort of weave it around your fingers?  Cat’s Cradle, I think we called it.  Well, making these was almost just like that.  My mom watched me do it – and even tried one herself – and she said it’s like crocheting with your fingers.  (I can’t vouch for that because I have no idea what crocheting is.)

After about five tries, I finally got it right.  (I actually had it right from the beginning, but kept getting frustrated, and starting over.)  And from there, I realized that I could probably make six of them within an hour.  Did somebody say, “Christmas presents?!”  Well, stocking stuffers.  I’m not that cheap.

You can choose to do it with two, three, or four fingers – the more fingers you use, the thicker the bracelet.  I started with four, but it was way too big for my liking.  So I unraveled it and started over with two.  Perfect size.  It almost looks braided, but I can assure you it’s not quite that easy.  It’s more like a “box braid.”  The picture above shows it from the side.  Here’s a view of the top:

My bracelets aren’t nearly as neatly-done or brightly-colored as the ones that I copied from the video tutorial on V and Co., but I didn’t want to waste good fabric on a DIY project that could potentially have turned out to be an epic fail.  She used pretty, summery-colored jersey knit fabric from a craft store.  I decided to cut up my dingy, gray, hair-dye-stained gym uniform T-Shirt from ninth grade.  But I have to say, I want to do this again (many times!) with prettier fabric (maybe a fun print?).  I doubt I’ll splurge on it at the store, but I will feel less bad about shredding one of my better, brighter T-shirts.

These bracelets have a “beachy” feel to them.  Wearing them makes me think of sunshine and flip flops!  They are really cute once you get them on your wrist.  My pictures, novice finger “crocheting,” and dirty T-shirt don’t do the project justice.  Again, the V and Co. version of these bangles is much better.  But if – somehow – my results have caused you to want to make your own…


(You probably already have everything!)

  • 3 strips of jersey knit fabric (Tutorial says 1″ wide, 58″ long, but I didn’t measure at all.  Just used the circumference of my old shirt, and winged it on the width.  It was more than enough for two bracelets.)
  • Scissors (to cut the excess fabric when you’re done)
  • Your fingers
  • About 10 minutes of free time

I won’t post the detailed instructions because I didn’t take pictures as I went along.  I’m not naturally crafty, so multitasking would have probably resulted in disaster.  But for directions with accompanying still pictures, you can click here.  I needed further confirmation that I was weaving correctly, so I opted to watch the additional video tutorial, available on the same page.

If you try this project, feel free to post a picture of your finished product in the comments.  I’d love to see it!

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  1. Kelly, I love this! I really enjoy reading your posts, they are very inspiring! I may at some point try my hand at this. Keep up the good work!

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