40 Day Lent Challenge: Day 3


photo credit: daletedder

On Ash Wednesday, I outlined my goals for Lent. Here’s how I fared on Day 3……

Five Things for Which I Am Thankful (listed in no particular order):

  1. Mid-rise jeans.  Before I had a baby, I couldn’t understand why anyone would ever buy, let alone wear, such an “atrocity.”  But now that I’m a mom with a new kind of body and metabolism, I totally get it.
  2. Swagbucks.  The only clothes I own that I actually like and can fit into were purchased because of the gift cards I got from this site.  Since Josh was born, I have literally spent $0 out-of-pocket on clothing because of them.
  3. Volleyball.  I am grateful for having had such a constructive extracurricular activity throughout grade school, high school, and college.  Not only did it keep me focused (mostly) on getting good grades, but it allowed me to go to college for free.  Who knows what my life would be like if I had spent my “free” time doing something else…
  4. My friends.  I have the world’s best friends.  They are such good people – productive, ambitious, successful, smart, kind, funny, understanding, inspirational.  Unfortunately, I’m very lazy about keeping in touch, but my friends don’t make me feel bad for it.  I appreciate that they take the initiative to pick up the phone and send cards.  And when we do finally talk with one another, it feels like we’ve been speaking daily all along.  I don’t deserve them.
  5. My HBCU education.  I learned so much at TSU, and not just in the classroom.  I think I could maintain an entire blog on this topic alone, so I’ll be brief.  As a white student at a historically black university, I received a rich education on topics that aren’t included in any college brochure.

Fasting Research of the Day:  Chris Seay

Chris Seay, a young church founder in Texas, has chosen to actively walk through life with those in poverty, living (or at least eating) just as they do.  He, his wife, and their three children undergo periods of fasting (usually 40 days for the adults, sometimes shorter for the kids), where they eat like the impoverished, and pray for the individuals they sponsor through Compassion International.  They also use their proceeds from things like garage sales and lemonade stands to “share” with the poor.

I’ve heard of Seay’s book, A Place At the Table, before, but wanted to do more research before deciding if I should add it to my list of books to read.  I perused his Web site and watched the video interviews he did with Crystal Paine.  In one video, Seay discussed drilling a well for a village in which multiple people were dying from drinking dirty river water.  At the end of the final video, Seay said, “Just do something.  Identify with those in need.  And God will do the rest.”  Sounds like his book might be right up my alley.

Nonprofit/Charity of the Day:  Compassion International

According to the Compassion Web site, child sponsorship provides schooling, uniforms, tutoring, health care, and faith-based teaching and mentoring.  Sponsors can write letters and send gifts in order to build relationships with children of their choosing.  They also provide disaster relief, and offer a student leadership program to college students who would like to contribute to their cause.

But my favorite part of what Compassion does is their Child Survival Program, which provides safe health and medical care to young, at-risk mothers and their babies.  Women in the program are given a safe place to receive prenatal care, labor and delivery services, and training on how to properly care for and feed their babies.  Their children receive immunizations, growth monitoring, and developmental assessments.

Swear Jar Contribution:  $0.25 

Stockpile Item to Donate:  Garnier Fructis Length & Strength Shampoo

If anyone else is doing something special for Lent and could use some encouragement, please feel free to leave a comment about it!

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