Here’s to the Good Ol’ Days. And to Even Better New Ones.


Time sure does fly.  Nearly five years ago, I was a graduating senior of Tennessee State University’s mass communication (print journalism) department and member of the school’s volleyball team.  My priorities and goals were those of a young woman with many dreams and few responsibilities.

Ah, the good ol’ days………….

A life of indulgence.  My free time involved reading my favorite books while lying by the pool, writing about anything that got my creative juices flowing, dinner and drinks with friends, catching up on trashy television programs, taking daily trips to Jack-n-the-Box, buying new clothes if I ran out of clean ones, staying up late, sleeping in on weekends, napping…  All kinds of fun stuff. I had never cooked, rarely cleaned, barely budgeted, and definitely never considered methods of child-rearing.

But college graduation came sooner than I was prepared for it.  Then the bills for rent and student loans came sooner than I wanted them.   Then my first child was born sooner than I had planned.

Fast-forward five years. 

A life of sacrifice and a little elbow grease.  (And exhaustion, as you can see!)  I now spend my free time grocery shopping, clipping coupons, trying to prepare healthy meals (Yes!  Me.  The girl whose first attempt at making grilled cheese resulted in a visit from the fire department.), searching for new ways to save money, changing diapers, kissing “owies,” singing nursery rhymes, cleaning up messes, folding basket after basket of tiny clothes not much bigger than my socks, skipping watching my favorite TV programs to watch The Fresh Beat Band, and so much more stuff I never believed I would do.  (And if you knew me five years ago, you wouldn’t believe it either!)  For the first time, another person exists on this planet who is more important than myself.  Whole new ball game!

And I’d gladly trade it all again for my little bundle of joy.  The domestic life is more challenging than I ever thought it would be.  In a good way.  I have a brand new idea of what “home economics” really means. I also have a new outlook on what it means to have a meaningful role in life.  What job is more important than raising a child?

So here’s to even better new days………..

With the change in responsibility has come a major shift in what I consider to be my priorities.  My professional, domestic, financial, spiritual, and personal goals have all been affected (and for the much-much-better, I must say).  To answer the (rhetorical) question in the last paragraph, I don’t believe I’ll ever do anything as important as raising my child to be a God-fearing, compassionate, and productive member of society.  But I also believe that being a mother is not the only life role that God has planned for me.  (Now if only He would speak plainly, and just tell me exactly what that plan is!)

Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.  I absolutely love being the mother of the most precious little boy who ever lived (hey – my blog, my prerogative).  Still, though, I hope to eventually find meaningful, fulfilling work outside the walls of my home.  To determine my life’s true calling, if you will.

This blog will serve as my first step in doing so.  I intend to use it in order to help me to become a better mother; a more efficient and organized homemaker; a better saver and spender; a more faithful Christian; and a more informed, intelligent, well-rounded, healthy, and happy woman.  And, of course, to allow me to maintain my sanity by engaging in the kind of reading and writing that feed my soul.   Dramatic, much?  Absolutely.  But I’m just not the same without my books, pens, and paper (e-reader, keyboard, and monitor, in 2012 speak).

So if I’m able to snag a J-O-B that harmoniously aligns with all my other goals, then I’ll know that I’ve finally discovered my calling.  That I’m truly living in the center of God’s perfect plan for me.

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