90% Right and Done. Or Something Like That.


I’ve been saying that I’d write a blog for months. But the advance knowledge that it wouldn’t come out exactly the way I want it, that it wouldn’t be perfect, kept holding me back.   That perfectionism is the same reason (okay, excuse) that has kept me from beginning (okay, procrastinating on) many a project that I’d like to tackle.

Then this morning I thought about Jon Acuff’s (fantastic) book Quitter.  I’d quote it verbatim if I could find it, but I seem to have misplaced it in my recent move back to my hometown.  But he said something along the totally paraphrased lines of, “An idea is better at 90 percent right and done, than perfect and still in your head.”  (You get the gist.)

So here (this fledgling blog) is my attempt at Mr. Acuff’s “90 percent right and done…”  Or something like that.

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